On Target Podcasts

It’s challenging to keep up with everything that’s going on and to reflect all the interesting and dynamic developments in the local and location-based marketing space. For this reason LSA is introducing a new podcast called On Target, exploring the intersection of technology, media and local commerce.

This will be an opportunity for LSA to have more informal discussions with interesting people about a wide range of topics of interest to this audience. Each episode features 30-minute interviews, roundtables and perspectives with an emphasis on provocative thinking and practical advice.

You can access the podcast episodes on this page, or you can access them on iTunes or Google Play.

If you’re interested in participating, email us.

On Target - Episode 19 - Brendan King, Co-Founder & CEO, Vendasta

On Target - Episode 18 - Lorenzo Pireddu, Commercial Director, GotU

On Target - Episode 17 - Shubham Datta, Director, SurePath Captial

On Target - Episode 16 - Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho

On Target - Episode 15 - Irana Wasti, SVP & GM, Productivity Applications, GoDaddy

On Target - Episode 14 - Recap of 2017 SMB Cloud Adoption Summit

On Target - Episode 13 - David Bairstow & Nick Knellinger of Skyhook

On Target - Episode 12 - Brendan Morrissey, CEO, Netsertive

On Target - Episode 11 - Gordon Henry, DexYP

On Target - Episode 10 - Megan Hannay, Co-Founder, ZipSprout

On Target - Episode 9 - The Emerging SMB Technology Space

On Target - Episode 8 - Sunir Shah, The Small Business Web

On Target - Episode 7 - David Shim, Founder & CEO, Placed

On Target - Episode 6 - Mark Sullivan, Director of Demand Generation, CallRail

On Target - Episode 5 - Stacey Gray, The Future of Privacy Forum

On Target - Episode 4 - Dr. W. Michael Cox, Formerly of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

On Target - Episode 3 - Mark MacLeod, Founder, SurePath Capital

On Target - Episode 2 - BIA/Kelsey, See Chat

On Target - Episode 1 - Manish Patel, CEO, Brandify